Student Volunteers Working the Registration Desk — Photo by TWS-WS Photographer Janine Payne

Volunteer Positions

Work 8 hours at the meeting, and get your registration fee refunded AND a cash hotel stipend once you’ve completed your shifts.

Students get first priority but others are encouraged to apply.  Volunteer opportunities include checking participants into the meeting, working the audio/visual & lights in a session, helping out with an evening event or workshop, etc…   We will work with volunteers to set up a volunteer schedule that allows them to participate in the top events they are interested in attending during the meeting so that volunteers have an incredible conference experience.  No experience is required.

Volunteers must pay to register for the meeting and will be reimbursed after they have worked their scheduled hours.  The Western Section is reimbursing up to $343 per volunteer for approximately 8 hours of volunteer work (the $203 Student registration rate plus a $140 contribution to offset lodging in a shared quad room for three nights.)  A check will be mailed within 2 weeks after the meeting ends. 

Chat about the 2024 Annual Meeting, find a carpool or even a room buddy on our Discord server!

So, are you ready to have a blast and meet lots of great people?  Past volunteers have made great connections with their future employers while volunteering at our meeting!


Apply Here

Complete the Volunteer Application Google Form:  

Note – At this time we have received more applications than we have spots available.  However, it is very common for spots to open up in January when students cancel due to scheduling constraints, so please fill out the application below to be added to our waitlist!

Link to Volunteer Application Form


We will review the applications, and up to 25 people will be selected into our volunteer program based on their overall schedule availability and the date their volunteer application was submitted.  Volunteers are encouraged to apply before December 15, 2023. Positions are first come, first served. Once positions fill, we will keep a wait list in case any positions open, so don’t hesitate to apply late.  

By mid-January, we will distribute a firm volunteer schedule.   Volunteers accepted into the program will need to register and pay online for the meeting registration in order to be scheduled for a volunteer shift. Anyone not yet registered for the meeting when we begin scheduling shifts will be moved to the waitlist.  As you would expect with a great meeting, spots fill up fast.

If anything changes (especially your schedule), please do not hesitate to contact us ASAP, and please do go back and edit the volunteer application form to note any schedule changes.

We hope to hear from you soon. Please let us know if you have any questions.

Kristen Burgess and Carolyn Buesch, Volunteer Coordinators
Email contacts: AND