Wildlife Society Certification Application Workshop/Q&A

  • Tuesday— February 6, 2024:  1:00 -3:00pm
  • Free, pre-registration required
  • Led by Kelly Holland (GEI Consultants) AND Rhys Evans (Vandenberg Space Force Base) – TWS Certification Review Board

Bring a draft of your application (ideally including college transcripts), or just bring questions. Ask how, why and when to apply to become an Associate or Certified Wildlife Biologist.  One-on-one discussion is our intent, but that will depend upon how many people show up!   This is NOT intended as a formal session, it’s casual conversation; you do not need to be present for the full hour (but it is probably going to be ‘first come, first served.)

Publishing and Peer-Reviewing Scholarly Papers: Process, Pitfalls, and Responsibilities

  • Wednesday, February 7th – 8:00am to 10:00am
  • No extra fee, and no RSVP required
  • Chair: Rocky Gutierrez

More information coming soon!

Yoga Stretch & Move with Kelly Holland

  • Wednesday and Thursday, 7:00-8:00am 
  • Free, all are welcome

Join us for a morning movement class to stretch our muscles and wake our bodies up! Nia blends the expressiveness of dance arts, the power of martial arts, and the wisdom of healing arts. This guided class will embody gentle and playful movements and graceful self-awareness. Classes are taken barefoot to soul-stirring music, and are adaptable to every age and fitness level. Come experience the joy of movement, and discover how Nia is expressive, healing, balancing, and powerful. Yoga mat is optional.

Bio: Kelly Fitzgerald-Holland holds a black belt in The Nia Technique, and has been teaching classes for over 18 years. She incorporates her other movement training, such as tai chi, yoga, and tribal-trance, into her classes. She creates a non-judgmental atmosphere in which to encourage, inspire, and support each individual’s pursuit of integrative body-mind-spirit awakening, healing, and empowerment.

Photo by Mandy Culpepper, from the 2019 Annual Meeting Wildlife Slideshow.