Breakfast Roundtable

    • Wednesday, February 7, 2024
    • Session 8am – 9:45am
    • Facilitated by Lisa Fields, Wendy Loeffler, Shay Zanetti & Thea Wang


  • Texas French Toast with Fresh Creamery Butter and Maple Syrup¬†
  • Local Market Sliced Fresh Fruit
  • Bacon
  • Served with Orange Juice, Freshly Brewed Coffees, and a selection of Hot Teas.
  • Note that special plates will be made for those with special dietary requirements.¬† Please note any special meal requests when you register for the meeting.

The Breakfast Roundtable is an opportunity for us to kick-off the conference sessions with an interactive and engaging conversation, delving deeply into the conference theme Surviving and thriving: embracing our adaptability amidst a changing climate. We will gather over a hot plated breakfast for a facilitated discussion, exploring how we have experienced, what we may experience, and how we can respond to an unpredictable climate.

All conference attendees are welcome and encouraged to register, no prior knowledge or experience is required. The more diverse the participation, the more diverse the conversation. We hope you will join us!

We will begin with a short introduction followed by a quick, full-group brainstorm to generate a list of what climate impacts participants have encountered, or anticipate encountering, such as changes to field sites, impacts to field surveys, study design, project success, etc.

We will continue the conversation at our individual tables, allowing for a more thorough exploration. There will be three stages to the discussion:

      1. In the Field Challenges/Adjustments: Based on the results of the brainstorm, or on your personal experience, discuss what you have encountered or think you/field biologists could encounter in the future.

      2. Survey Design: What have you started including, or anticipate needing, to adjust to the discussed influences of climate change?

      3. Planning/Policy: Learning from these experiences and ideas, how can planning and policy be leveraged to address these issues so we can thrive, not just survive?