Our meeting is organized by an incredible team of volunteers, and we’d love to have you join our team.  Make new friends and help TWS-WS at the same time!

Session Chairs:  We are seeking individuals who are interested in volunteering to serve as the chairperson for the in-person technical oral sessions. The session chair will coordinate with presenters ahead of time and help find additional papers as needed to fill any gaps in their session. In person at the conference they will moderate and manage the technical session, making sure speakers stay on schedule, and lead a Q&A session if time permits in their session. Session Chairs will be assigned in December after the Call for Papers has closed. If you are interested in a session chair role, please email Brooke Langle at presidentelect@tws-west.org.

Judges for Student Posters or Oral Presentations:  Well-rounded communication skills are critical for wildlife biologists in report writing, preparing manuscripts for peer-reviewed journals, or for oral presentation. The TWS-WS student award competition provides an opportunity for seasoned wildlifers to judge, encourage, and offer constructive criticism to future members of our profession. If you are interested in judging the student presentations and/or posters at the annual meeting, please contact Elizabeth Meisman at edm170@humboldt.edu. It doesn’t take much of your time, and once the papers have been sorted into sessions and time slots you may sign up directly in a Google Spreadsheet for the talks/posters you’d like to judge, and it’s fun!  Papers will be judged using electronic forms, and judges may participate either in-person or virtually.

Student Volunteers:  A limited number of student volunteers may work in person at the meeting in Riverside up to 8 hours for a full or partial reimbursement of their student registration fee and shared hotel room cost. Link to more information  We will work with student volunteers to set up a volunteer schedule that allows them to participate in the top events they are interested in attending during the meeting so that volunteers have an incredible conference experience. Please contact projectmanager@tws-west.org for more information about volunteering. No special skills are necessary to volunteer!

Planning Committee: Our meeting is organized by an incredible team of volunteers, and we’d love to have you join us. We still need volunteers for this meeting – check out our committee list for open positions.  Make new friends and help TWS-WS at the same time! Email projectmanager@tws-west.org if you’d like more information on our planning committee team. We meet once a month over Zoom from September to January. There are both large and small roles available and we are always looking for new helpers on our team.